The Importance of Roof Color

Many homeowners disregard the aesthetic value of their roof as they focus more on its functionality. However, a roof shingle that doesn’t fit with the rest of the home or the neighbors will be noticeable, and sometimes, it can also be an eyesore! Remember, your roof is among the first things passersby see. 

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of having well-designed roofs, check out the following benefits exclusive to roof color:

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Picking a roof shingle color that doesn’t compliment your home’s exterior will affect its aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, applying the hue of your roof shingle to your home’s exterior design will impact its overall looks, making it more cohesive and gorgeous.

Boost Your Property’s Value

If you want to sell your home in the future, installing a new roof offers a higher ROI. So, if you’re staying in your home, for now, picking a roof shingle color following the latest trends is essential. Doing so lets you keep or boost your home’s value over time, all while attracting prospective buyers.

Saves You Energy and Money

If you live in a tropical area, you might be surprised to know that changing the color of your roof shingles can affect your monthly cooling bills! By nature, light-colored roofs are better at reflecting the sun’s rays than their darker-colored counterparts, which absorb more. Thorough research shows that this impact can reduce energy use in the long run.

Stay Stylish

Keeping up-to-date with the latest design trends is vital if you’re looking to sell your property in the long run. Picking a shingle color that balances the newest trends and classic looks ensures your home can preserve its beauty over time.

Expert Advice for Choosing the Right Roof Shingle Color

Picking a roof color that works best with your house’s other external features is a significant consideration. Aside from that, here are other factors you must consider when choosing a roof shingle color for your home.


Picking the best siding and shingle colors to complement each other is essential when decorating your home’s exterior. After all, you can drastically alter your house’s appearance and vibe, depending on the decisions you’ve made during design. So, think about the siding you already have or want to get and how you want it to connect to the shingle hue you chose.

Soffit, Fascia, and Trim

Roofs are prone to the influence of accessories like most building parts. And regarding a home’s exterior, soffit, fascia, and trip are also the best spots for adding contrasting and complementary features to your roof.


As essential color schemes are, please don’t forget the importance of textures in exterior design. Like with shingle hues, you’d want to ensure the textures blend well together while keeping the continuity in the quality of the tools and equipment used.

Trust the Roofing Experts

Roofs are substantial investments with excellent long-term benefits. And most asphalt shingle roofs last between two to three decades. Therefore, choosing a modern and classic style is crucial when investing in a new roof. Moreover, hiring a reputable roofing contractor in Southbury, CT, is essential to do the hard work for you. Contact Roofing Contractor of Southbury today, they can help you pick the best shingle color for our home and conduct professional roof installation.

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